Off the Shoulder Blouse

 Sometimes you don't feel like  dressing up. Somedays you might to want to wear something casual. This outfit is perfect for those kind of days. Off the shoulder tops are the latest fashion trend for spring 2017. These tops are light and are great for those hot summer days. Unfortunately the black blouse seen above is sold out, but I added some similar styles for you all below.  That I think you all will also like. You may click on the images in the carousel below to view. I also added a denim skirt. Which would look great with this off the shoulder top. You can also layer this off the shoulder top over a white sleeve blouse.  This week I will posting more outfits on the blog and I will be posting more links to sales.


Casual Style

Here's a little something for the men. This casual cool look, can be worn during the day or night. The outfit is simple yet youthful. This outfit is perfect for the city boy that likes that laid back style. This outfit can be worn during the spring and fall. Denim is a look that looks great on just about anyone.
If you are not into the whole denim on denim look you can alternate with other pieces. Such as another pair of pants or dress shirt.  


The Embroidered Silk Dress

Today I wanted to share with you all the J. Crew sale happening now. You can get an extra 40% off select sale items and 50% off final sale items when you use the code hoptoit. Don't forget to share with family and friends! Click here to view the J.Crew sale.

This lovely embroidered mini dress can worn during the day. You can wear ankle booties instead of these sandals. Which would look great. With a dress like this one you don't need much. I like to wear as minimal jewelry as possible. I would suggest a ring set or a gold necklace, nothing fancy.


Styling Yellow Pants

This month I have something exciting that I want to share with you all. I have taken some days off blogging to work on a campaign.  I know I have not been blogging much, but I am back. I will be doing more outfit posts. I have been receiving a lot of outfit requests. I will be working on that also. If you have been following me on Instagram you probably notice that I post daily. I try to do that as often as I can. I like reading all your feedback on Instagram. I really appreciate it! If there is one particular look you would like to see on the blog let me know. I might post it. 

Now onto today's look of the day. This outfit is great to wear in the Summer/Spring, or when it's hot outside. I personally like bright colors like red, orange, yellow and green. Especially for Spring! You may shop these pieces, by click on any of the images below. By the way this crop top is only $28!


My Picks for the Week

Today I decided to do a round up of our top picks for the week. I added some of my favorites for you all below. You may click on the images for product information. I am really liking those blue tassel earrings they would look great with a bright yellow dress!


Casual Cool 4u

Looking for something casual but chic to wear? I got you covered. This look of the day is elegant yet casual enough to wear to the city.  This stylish orange top and stripped pants make a bold fashion statement. Puffy sleeves have been the latest fashion trend among fashion bloggers and stylist. This look may not work for everyone, but it can look great if you know how to style it.  I would suggest adding on some jewelry to this look to give it that modern look.  I added some extra jewelry to the carousel below. You can also add on a chocker necklace if you would like. You can also wear this outfit without the extra jewelry. Instead of stripped pants you can wear white or beige pants. Which would also look stylish.


Spring Styles

Looking for something to wear this week? Look no further, I have got you covered. This look of the day is casual yet preppy. This outfit is perfect to wear during the day. You can wear this outfit with flats or mules. Which ever shoe will do. I like to keep it simple and add as minimal jewelry as I can. This outfit doesn't need much accessorizing. You can also add a cute pink or green cardigan over this top. Which would also look cute. 

Stay tuned this week I will be doing another post on men's fashion. I will also be posting more looks on the blog this week! :)


Outfit of the Day for the Guys

Hello fashion lovers! So today I decided to do a blog post on men's fashion. I know it has been a while, but now I will doing a post on men's fashion once a week. I noticed that I had a lot of male followers on Instagram and I wanted to do a little something for them. So if any you guys or you ladies have a boyfriend/husband that needs some help with styling,  please let me know. I will be answering all your outfit requests right here on the blog! Need help with styling send in your questions. You may contact me by clicking on the contact section of the blog. I look forward to reading all your questions!

The look of the day is casual cool.  I wanted something a little  youthful, but  at the same time I wanted something that would look great on most men. This look can be worn on a casual date, running errands or even hanging out with the guys. The original pair of denim jeans seen here can cost somewhere around $1,000, but I found a more affordable style here (click here to view) . Remember this is just to give you all an idea on how to style. I personally think a man in ripped denim looks cool. Shows that he has a sense of style especially when he pairs it with a  pair of dope sneakers.

Once you are done on deciding what you are going to wear. Be sure to checkout some of the sales that are happening this week down below.


White Pants

Looking for something different to wear to work? How about going with white pants?  White pants are perfect for Spring/ Summer. They match with almost any top and looks great. I love a pair of white pants. I wear them a lot in the summer. I will be posting some of my own looks on the blog. You can also try a white top and black pants for work. Which would also look nice or you can also try a white denim skirt with a black top. As always I added some similar pieces for you all below. You may click on the images below for product information. This week I will be doing a post on men's fashion.


The Orange Dress

Last week I attended another fashion show. The show was really modern and hip. I did not know what to expect since this was my first time attending this particular show. You can see pictures on my Instagram account. I decided to go with this orange dress. I added some similar styles for you all below. I also added some shoes that would go great with this particular style. I absolutely love a bright colored dress especially for Spring/ Summer. You can wear this dress to a cocktail party or even a wedding (as a guest of course).


Leopard Print

So today I wanted to share with you all my outfit of the day. I wore this outfit yesterday. This leopard top is casual chic. This top can be worn with jeans or with a black pencil or skirt. You can also add a cardigan over it if you want to. You can dress it up or dress it down. I added some similar styles for you all below. I also added a few links to sales that are happening now down below. 


The Cold Shoulder Top

Today I wanted to share with you all the outfit that I wore earlier this week.  This cold shoulder top is perfect for spring. This top can be worn with a denim skirt or a pair of orange pants. You can also wear jeans instead of bright orange pants. For accessories you can add on some hoop earrings if you would like or a couple rings.  Since I was not able to find the exact pieces  that I wore. I added some similar pieces for you all below.  I also added a few plus sizes, for all the curvy girls.  I hope you all like it!


Yellow Pants for Spring

Hey guys, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Yesterday, I took the day off to celebrate my birthday. I had so much fun and it was well worth it. Now, that I am back I wanted to share with you all my outfit of the day.

This outfit of the day is simple yet chic. This outfit would look great on someone who is tall and lean. An outfit like this one is perfect for a day out in the city. I posted all the pieces below, as well as some similar styles. I hope you all like it! :)


The Basics for Spring

The look for today is a more casual style. Some days you want to dress up others days, not so much. Everyone has those days. Question is how can I dress casual without looking too laid back? Well, it all starts with the accessories and then the shoes. I like to wear a pair of heels or ballerina flats with a more casual look. This will keep the look a more casual chic. Next, I  add on jewelry. I recommend adding at least one statement piece to your look. This will make the look more interesting and draw more attention to your outfit. Since statement pieces are the first thing people notice. My recommendation would be to start with a pair of earrings , such as these earrings (seen above).
This outfit seen above, can be worn during the day or at night. For the night I would suggest a casual clutch such as this one (click here to view).  


New Season = New Wardrobe

Today I wanted to share with you all an important sale that is happening this month. This sale won't last long ends March 28th. If you like luxury fashion then I would recommend this store. They have a wide selection of pre-owned products that are half the price. Plus if you are new to their site and subscribe to the mailing list you automatically get a $25 credit to use on the site.

Stay tuned, this month  I will be adding more codes to sales for you all throughout the month! Also this week I will be doing a blog post on men's fashion. What better way to prepare for a new season than with a new wardrobe? I will be doing weekly posts, where I post my favorite pieces for the week.


How to Style Red?

Top \\ Black Leggings \\ Shoes (sold out similar here and here) \\ Sunglasses \\ Bag

Looking for an outfit to wear to work? This red top you can wear to work and to a date. This top works with pretty much black or white pants. This red top is around $250 but here's a more affordable style (click here to view). Which costs only $21 and is just as stylish. For the summer you can wear white linen pants and for the winter you can wear leggings. You can also add on boots instead of pumps. The options are endless.


Orange Pants

Blouse\\ Pants (sold out similar style here and hereNecklace \\ Hobo Bag \\ Cuff (sold out) \\ Heels

Need some inspiration? How about going with a pair of orange pants like these ones. I know its a bold move, especially in fashion. Orange is my color right now. I have been wearing a lot of it. This color looks different on everyone. It all depends how you style it. I like to wear a shoe of a neutral color when wearing orange pants such as these. You can also wear these pants with flats such as these ones (click here to view). Which would also look cute.


Stripes + Leather Pants

Today's look of the day is of a more casual style. This outfit can be worn in the fall or early spring. You can wear this striped top with white linen pants or black leather pants. This striped top  would also be nice to wear in the summer. Of course not with the leather pants, as it would probably be too hot for that. I would suggest wearing it with a shorter skirt or white linen pants.  I added some more affordable styles for you all below. This top (click here to view) is also nice, although it is a different style. It is more affordable, its only $18. I like a wrap top its perfect for any season and it looks cool. You can also add on a maxi skirt with some oversized earrings. There are many ways that you can style this striped top.

Hey guys be sure to check out all the sales going on this week.  I added all the links for you all below! You may click on the links below for more information. 


Styling Denim

Today I am sharing with all my go to outfit for when I am on the run. I like to keep it casual yet cool.  I do like to add on a little accessory like this bandana chocker.  This bandana is similar to the one I am wearing and it's only $4.99 (Click here to view). It comes in black and cream. You might want to hurry before it sells out!I have also been seen wearing a lot of denim.  Denim is a fashion staple, that pretty much goes with anything. I especially am loving this designer denim jacket (click here to view). Can't afford this denim jacket? How about customizing your own denim jacket with patches? I have recently bought a couple patches to add to a couple pieces that I own. Just to test it out. Here are a couple patches that I am currently liking (click here to view).  You can add patches to pretty much anything a bag, a pair of jeans, a denim jacket and even a denim skirt! Which would look so cute! The possibilities are endless!

I have linked all the pieces for you all below. You may click on the links to view more information. I have also added some more affordable pieces to the carousel below along with the original pieces displayed above. I hope you all like it!  


OOTD + A Special Discount

Sunglasses \\ Blouse \\ Pants \Earrings \\ Ring \\ Sandals \\ Clutch

With Spring almost here. What better way to prepare for Spring's arrival than with a stylish outfit like this one? Off the shoulder tops are one of the latest trends for Spring 2017.  I am absolutely loving this gingham top. This top is so stylish. You can definitely wear this top to Fashion Week. This top can be worn more casually with a denim skirt or a pair of jeans. This top pretty much goes with anything a skirt, a pair of jeans, or over a dress. There are so many ways that you can style this top. It is definitely one of my must-have pieces for Spring 2017. 

Be sure to follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for my daily outfit posts! ShopBop is having a huge sale right now. You dont want to miss out on this exclusive offer. The more you spend the more discounts you get! 

Don't forget to use code: GOBIG17 for the special discount!


A Casual Style for Him

Today I decided to do a blog post on men's fashion. I know it has been a while. I am really into the all black look for men. I think it's youthful and cool. You don't have to be a 20 years old to wear this outfit. This outfit would even look great on someone in their 40s. When styling men's clothes I like to add accessories. For this look I added the logo square sunglasses and the black watch. You can shop these items below or by clicking on the links above. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more outfit ideas!


One way to Style a Purple Lace Romper

Today's outfit of the day is inspired from these flowers that I photographed earlier this week. I enjoy taking photos of nature. I don't what it is, but it inspires me. 

I know that a lot of you all don't want to spend $600 on a clutch or a pair of shoes. So I added some more affordable pieces, for you all below. This romper (click here to view) is only $23!  It's a similar to the one seen here. This romper (click here to view) is also a similar style to the one seen here except it comes in black. I also added links to the original pieces. I hope you all like it!


Comfortable and Chic

Top \\ Skirt (similar style here and here) \\ Sandals

I hope you all are having a good day. This top that I am wearing here is from Free People. I have been liking a lot of their outfits. I like how each piece is unique in its own way. I also like that they never repeat the same pieces. This skirt I got a while back along with the shoes. This outfit is perfect for an office job or for a date. I really like how chic it is and the look is simple. For a more casual look you can wear this top with a pair of old blue jeans. One other that way you could style this top, would be with a lace skirt, which would look great. Just to let you know that this top also comes in other colors. I added the link for this look below.