5 Festive Looks Perfect for the Holidays

Unfortunately most of the pieces seen here are sold out, but I managed to find some other stylish pieces that would also look great. So if you see something you like get it before someone else does! No joke stuff sells out fast!


5 Outfits for You

So today I 4 different looks for you, plus one outfit for the guys. If an outfit piece is missing from the carousel it's  because it has sold out. This week I will be adding more outfits on the blog. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for the latest updates.


Bold Colors for Winter

Add a pop of color to your wardrobe this holiday season. This skirt is probably one of my favorites. I really am liking bold colors on this skirt. Unfortunately this skirt is sold out, but I did find some other skirts that I really liked (see the carousel below). Next week I will be sharing more outfits on the blog. I will also be posting my weekly picks on the blog.


My Three Outfits

So today I wanted to share with you all my latest outfits. The dress that I am wearing here I had it for a while so you won't be able to find it, but I did manage to find some other styles that I thought you would  like.

This dress is from Free People, but I bought it at Nordstrom Rack. I shop there a lot. That store has some of the nicest clothing.  This dress sold out, but I added some similar styles for you below.

I added some similar pieces for you to shop below for this look. Just wanted to let you know that this week I will be sharing with you more outfits. I am also working on a new project for the blog and I will be sharing next year! So stay tuned for that!


Jeans for a Day

This week I will be sharing my outfit of the day for every single day of the week. Today's outfit of the day is actually an outfit that I put together for yesterday's Instagram post. I added the original pieces as well as some similar pieces for you. Have a question about this outfit? Leave your question in the comment section below.


Sneakers +Dresses

I have been asked this question a lot lately. Whether or not you can wear sneakers with dresses. Of course you can definitely wear sneakers with dresses and still look stylish. Sometimes I wear sneakers with dresses. Especially when I am running errands.  The exact dress seen above is sold out but I added some similar styles that would also look great with a pair of sneakers for you below.


Christmas 2017

Are you ready for Christmas? If you are not ready you still have some time. It's 27 days away. This outfit is so festive and perfect to wear to those holiday parties. I really like red as many of you know. I especially am liking this red dress. It is such a stylish dress. This dress is sold out but I added some other styles that I like. Of course this is just to give you some inspiration for the holidays.

I will be posting all my Instagram outfits on the blog. So you can shop them here. 


Cyber Monday & Black Friday Deals

So today I am sharing with you all the $18 dress that I found. This dress has sold out in red, but it is still available in green. I added some similar styles for you just in case. This week I will be adding more holiday gift guides for you. Just like I promised I added a ton of links to stores that I shop at (see below).

For the Home:


A Gift Guide 4u: Under $25

Still have not finished your holiday shopping? Here is gift guide to help you. Everything here is $25 and under. I added a ton of stuff and will be adding more each week. See something you like? Click on it. Be sure to follow me on my social media accounts for updates.


Holiday Gifts for Mom

Looking to buy a nice gift for mom this holiday season? Here are few of my picks, yes my mom actually picked some of the items on this list. I might have to go shopping after this... haha.  Of course this is just to give you an idea. I added some much more affordable items below. 


Staying Within Budget

So today I wanted to share with you this outfit one of these pieces cost less than $20. Can you guess which one? 

The suede skirt is under $20! No joke! You can click to see below. The sweater is a little over $100 but I added some similar styles for you below. This was just to show you that you can mix and match high end designer pieces with more affordable pieces. You can splurge on a few pieces here and there. Whenever I go shopping I like to set a budget. So that way I have more control over my money.  Of course I like to splurge once in a while. I know exactly what I am looking for and try to stay within that budget. Which can be helpful especially during the holidays when you have to buy gifts for everyone. That's a story for another time. In the mean time be sure to check out the links below. I added a ton of links to sales going on this week!


Ready for the Holidays

Red is one of the most popular colors to wear during the holiday seasons. It is timeless and very elegant. It is my favorite color! I 'm not going to lie half of the dresses I own are red. I never get tired of seeing this color. I guess you could say that I am into bright colors. This dress might not be in everyone's budget, but I did find a similar style for $23 (click here to view). I also found this other one for $25 (click here to view). 


Velvet Blazer

Today's outfit of the day is a little more sophisticated . This look is perfect for a night out in the city or date night. You can wear this blazer with a tank top underneath or a silk blouse which would look chic. I love a blazer especially this velvet one. You can click to view more below.


The Orange Fur Coat

Want to make a bold statment? How about trying on an orange faux fur coat like this one? When I first saw this coat I knew I had to share. This coat is so stylish and so unique! Lately, I have been wearing a lot of orange and leopard print. I like the combination of the two. It is feminine and sexy. There is just something about leopard print that I love. It's a print that never gets out of style. People have been wearing it since my grandmothers time. It is absolutely stunning. What's your favorite print  or color for fall/winter? 


Everything for Under $50!

Yes, everything seen here is under $50! A lot of you have been asking me to add some more affordable clothes. So here it is! I added some of my favorite brands for you. I hope you like it! 


Keeping it Casual for work

 For the guys I think less is more. I like to keep it simple. For fall I would suggest going with darker colors like brown, black and grey. These colors go with anything and looks good on most people. Not to mention that all these colors are easy to style. You can easily mix and match these pieces. For example you can wear that plaid shirt with blue jeans for fall and white jeans for spring. This particular outfit is perfect for a casual day at work. 



Black has become one of my favorite colors. It's a color easy to pull off and looks good on anyone. Plus it makes you look slimmer. 


Sweater Weather Kind of Day

So you all have been asking me a lot to add some more affordable pieces to the blog. Guess what?! I am now adding a ton of budget friendly pieces that are just as pretty as the designer pieces you see on my blog. I will continue adding my favorite designer brands to the blog, but I will also be adding some more affordable brands that I like on the blog.  In the carousel below you will find items varying from  a price of $10 to $2,000.

Today's outfit of the day is more of a casual look. I wanted to put together something that you could wear everyday. This look is more laid back. Blue jeans is something that I wear too often. So I wanted to try something different like a pair of black denim. Which I thought looked stylish. This look is easy to pull of and is very chic. You can go with the designer handbag seen here or opt for something else like this handbag (click here

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Anything but Basic Fall Fashion

Today I wanted a more casual look, but nothing to basic. I know how basic jeans can be thats why I like to dress it up. This peach color top is the perfect top to go with these jeans. I am really into neutral colors right now. Neutral colors can go with almost any color and print. I also am liking these statement earrings. I love a statement piece. These pink glitter ankle booties are pretty bold. Which is why I added it to this look. Put all these pieces together and you have a casual chic look for fall! 

FYI I added some similar pieces to the ones seen above (see the carousel below).  I also added some affordable pieces as well as designer pieces. Which I think you will also like. You may click on the images to view more details on these pieces.


My Fall Style

Does it seem like you have nothing to wear? Well, look again!  See all these pieces. Good, now it's time to mix and match. Try layering that black tank top over a blouse.  Voila! You have a new top. I love layers especially for fall. You can make any old top look brand new. I had this blue top for a while, bought it a couple months ago. I recently attended the Create & Cultivate event. I did not know  what I was going to wear to the event.  I was super busy and had no time to go shopping.  So I did a little browsing  in my closet. I found this black top that I had and layered it over  this other top that I had. I got so many compliments on this outfit.

The Create and Cultivate event was pretty cool. I met so many aspiring bloggers and established bloggers. The event is basically for anyone wanting to learn more about working within the fashion industry. I would definitely recommend going to this event if you can.