Beauty Products I cannot live without

I am the type of person that loves makeup,but I also love a very minminal natural look. Here are a few of the products I like to wear on those days I want to look glam.


Home Decor Pieces for your House

Looking for some interior design inspo? Well, here are a few furniture pieces that I am currently liking. Some of these pieces are also on sale.


Major sale going on now

One of the most popular stores Love Shack Fancy is having a major sale. Items are up to 75% off. Here are a few of my favorites from the sale.


Interior Design Inspo

Needing some interior design inspiration? Here are a few of my favorite furniture pieces right now. As you can already probably tell my style is very modern. 


Winter Boots

If there's one brand that influencers been wearing alot for many years it would be the original UGG boots. I have seen these boots since my high school days. They are comfortable and match with almost any casual outfit. They are also very comfortable.


Wedding Guest Dresses


Wondering what can you can wear to a wedding? Here are a few dresses that I think would be perfect for day or evening weddings.


Beauty products I cannot live without

People often ask me what is my beauty secret? Well, I am letting you all in on a little secret. Here are a few of my most used products. As a matter of face I am needing to buy more moisturizer as I ran out I am already on my fifth bottle.


Luxury Items I currently have in my shopping cart


Here are a few luxury items that I have my eye on. I love a good accessory. I especially love to invest in pieces that I will wear for many years to come. These items are definitely a splurge, but so worth it. If you no longer want the item in the next 5 years, or so you can definitely resale it.


Hailey Bieber Casual Style

If there is one celebrity style I like the most it would definitely be Hailey Bieber. I like how that girl can make anything look stylish and effortless. Here are a few of her casual styles that I am liking recently. I added some similar pieces to Hailey's outfits for you to shop below.



Happy new year! I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday. Ladies just wanted to share with you this special sale that Abercrombie is having select styles are up to 50% off.