70s Influence

The 70s have taken over the fashion industry. From runway shows to the streets. We are going to see a lot of 70s inspired clothing this fall.  There are so many ways that you can wear 70s style clothes. I have added four looks for you,I hope you like them! Oh, just to let you all know that striped crop top is on sale for $12 at TopShop! The maxi dress seen above is sold out, but I have added some similar styles for you below. You may click on the links below for more information.



What to wear now and later...

These pieces are perfect to wear now or in the fall, depending where you live of course. If you live somewhere the weather tends to get cooler,  I would suggest adding on a faux fur coat, or leather jacket to this playsuit. Another suggestion, I would make would be to add on a pair leggings or panty hose. Now for the outfit on the right I would suggest you add on a leather jacket to stay warm during the fall and you can wear the rest of the outfit as is or you can add a pair of boots. As for the warmer weather,  I would suggest wearing strapless heels or a pair of leather stiletto sandals like the one shown here.