You may add hard-boiled eggs, chicken or beef it is totally up to you.

Today I decided to make some pasta and I didn't have any pasta sauce. The only thing close to pasta sauce in my pantry was tomato paste. So what did I do? I made my own with the tomato paste that I had. The spaghetti I used for this recipe was gluten free, but you all are welcome to make it with any spaghetti you like. 


1-package of store bought spaghetti(can be gluten free or regular)
 2-cups of water

 For the Sauce:

1- 6oz can of tomato paste 
1/4-cup of olive oil
1- finely chopped garlic
2- tablespoons of minced garlic
1/4-of white onion
1-teaspoon of finely chopped basil leaves 
1 1/2-teaspoon of organic cane sugar
 1 or 1/2- cup of water
2 1/2- teaspoons of salt

For the sauce you want to first fry the garlic in the olive oil until it is golden brown in color. After you have fried the garlic you add the chopped onion(keep mixing the ingredients so they don't burn). Next you want to add all other ingredients including the tomato paste. Keep mixing all the ingredients until your tomato sauce has a creamy texture(you will have to add 1 cup of water in order for it to have a creamy texture). Once you are done with the tomato sauce you can begin cooking your spaghetti and eggs. 

I hope you all enjoy this recipe!

Bon Appetit!

Some of my favorites

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It's cold outside

Today's outfit is based off an outfit that I wore two days ago. Lately, I have been wearing a lot of bright colors. To complete my look  I like to add a bright lipstick.  For all other information just click on any one of the pictures below(it will redirect you to  the store's website).




Just to let you all know that I will be posting some more stuff on the blog real soon. I have been taking sometime off to come up with some new ideas. Please let me know what you all would like to see more of and less of. Also if you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact me(Just fill out this form). Your thoughts and opinions matter to me.

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Floral top

Lately, I have been wearing a lot of floral tops and I especially like this one from Stylebop. The ring displayed on the set above is from a jewelry collection that I liked. You can check out their new jewelry collection here. For all other items you may click on anyone of the pictures above for more details. 
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