Fall Vibes

 You already know how much I enjoy the fall season. So why not get your home ready for fall to? I'm talking about home decor! I absolutely love going to decor stores and looking at all their decorations. No, I am not talking about holiday decorations I am talking about fall decorations. I love the pumpkin spice candles, the fall leaves pillow cases, the cozy blanket and all the fall inspired furniture. I also added some furniture that would look great in a cozy home all year long.


Weekly Picks


Happy first day of Fall ya'll! I am so ready for fall. Summer has lasted way too long this year. Here are some of my picks this week. Be sure to comment down below which pieces are your favorite!

Makeup Products I love

If there's one thing I enjoy wearing other than clothes it would be my makeup. Here are the products that I wear the most.


Work Wear Fall Fashion

I often get asked this question alot. What can I wear to the office? I need help! Well ladies look no further! I got some major outfit inspiration for you to look your best in the office. Not to mention all these fall pieces are affordable and can be worn out of the office! When you work in the office you want to look and feel your best especially since you will be sitting/ standing for 8 hours a day. You want to wear something that is equally stylish as comfortable. Here are a few of my recommended outfit pieces.  

Winter Coats on Sale now

With Fall/winter quickly approaching us I thought I'd share some of the coats that can be worn everyday. Not only are these coats stylish they are also very affordable. All of thes coats are under $100! A stylish coat to keep you warm. Now who doesn't want that? Not to mention all these coats are on sale !


Huge Designer Sale

Revolve is having a huge sale ya'll don't want to miss. All these designer pieces are going for 65% off and they are selling out fast. Some of the items I posted earlier on the LTK app already sold out! Run don't walk!


Dresses for the Wedding Guest

 If there is something that I get asked alot. It is what should I wear to a wedding?  Lately, I have not been to alot of weddings, but if I were a guest to the wedding I would probably one of these dresses depending on how formal the event would be. It depends on the culture and location et. Some cultures people will go all out and other cultures not so much. I would try to find out first if the attire is more of a gala style or cocktail style. Which I have been to weddings that was either one or the other.

Shoes I need Now!

If there's something I love more than anything it is a good pair of shoes. I currently loving all the latest styles. You can wear these shoes for a beach vacation or you could also wear these shoes into next summer/spring season! 

Fall 2022 Fashion Trends

Hey Fashionistas! Guess what?! Fall is right around the corner! What better way to get ready for fall than with some cute clothes? The one trend I am currently wanting to get my hands on is oversized coats. I am obsessed! Comfy and stylish what is there not to love?! Here are a few of my favorites this week.


Spring Favorites to Splurge on

Hello Fashionistas! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. I know I sure did. I got to see family and friends. It was nice seeing everyone and to take some time off blogging. Now that I'm back I wanted to let you all know that I will be doing some makeup tutorials for those intrested as I get this requested daily. Also will be posting more on the blog. Today I rounded up a few of my Spring favorites for you all. FYI some of these pieces are on sale. :) Just in case you are intrested in any of these items. I know that some of these sites offer an extra discount if you sign up for their newsletter.


Currently Loving

All About Interior Decor & Organization

Hi ya'll, I know it's been a while since I have been on the blog. Today I decided to share with you all some of my interior favorites since I am getting ready to style my home myself this year. I never hired an interior designer to decorate because I enjoy fliping homes so much and interior design. Lately I have been into more classic rustic style with a bit of a modern touch. I like everything to look modern especially when it comes to home decor. I also like my home very organized.