Books that I am reading right now

I am currently reading "Power you Happy" by Lisa Sugar. Let me just say this book has changed my life. It is inspiring and intriguing. This book and this mug came inside from the October Must Have Box by PopSugar. With every monthly subscription you get a box filled with goodies. Each month is a surprise. Want you Must Have Box? Order yours today, be sure to use the code : Shop5 to get $5 OFF your first must have box (click here for more info).

Happy Reading!



Last Sunday,  I attended another fashion event. The fashion event that I attended was for brides. The reason I attended was to get some inspiration for my next blog post. This event was hosted by a local Magazine, Modern Luxury Weddings Houston. Since a lot of my friends and family are getting married I decided to write a blog post on that. I will be posting it this week! Stay tuned for that! This dress that I am wearing here sold out.  This dress pretty much works for any season. You can wear it with leggings and boots. You can also wear it with pumps like I am wearing here. I added some similar styles for you all below. 


Fashion Week in Houston

I recently attended Fashion X Houston. Let me just say the show was phenomenal! I enjoyed every moment. There was so much to see and so many people attended. It was crazy, but fun! Here's a short video that the photographer made for me at the event. I hope you all like it! :)


Here were a few of my favorite looks from the show:


The Little Black Dress that I Wore

So a lot of you all have been asking about the black dress  I wore to Fashion x Houston. Originally I bought this dress somewhere else, but I managed to find some similar styles for you all. For fall you can add any style jacket over it. Black is a color that pretty much matches with any other color.   I also added some links to sales that are happening this week!



What better season to wear black than fall? A color that looks good on almost anyone! Makes you instantly look slimmer. Who does not want to look slimmer? Sure this color cannot remove extra pounds from your body but it sure can appear as if you did. This color can be worn daily. I added some of the pieces for you all below. I hope you all like it!



So this week I decided to share with you all a couple sales that are happening this week! Just to let you all know that everything within the carousel is on Sale!



Some of you been asking me where I got this dress. Originally this dress is from Italy and so is the top. I grabbed this long sleeve shirt that I had and made a knot on the waist. I like alternating my clothes, sometimes you need to. This particular outfit was given to me by a family member. Although, I cannot find the exact style I found some similar styles for you all.