A Striped Dress for Spring

Today's outfit of the day is feminine and preppy. This look is also casual and sophisticated at the same time. This outfit is perfect for spring. This dress can also be worn with or without leggings. What I like most about this look is the cat shoes and those stylish sunglasses. Those shoes can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt for a more look casual. There are many ways that you can style these pieces. You can also wear these flats with a yellow dress. Which would look classy.


Bridal Dresses

Getting married? Don't have a clue where to start? Well today I will be sharing with you all the latest fashion trends for Spring 2017 for bridal dresses. First is the off the shoulder dress and in my opinion it's  one of the most stylish dresses of the season.  This dress is so delicate and chic. It would be the perfect dress to wear to a summer wedding. Feel free to click on the images in the carousel below to view a more detailed description of the wedding dresses.

The next dress is the bow dress this dress is very feminine and flirty. This dress would look nice on a younger women or older women.

The third dress is the deep v-neck which is sexy and glamourous. It is for the diva bride. This dress is more dramatic and bold. A dress like this would be perfect to wear for a wedding at night.

The fourth dress is one you see often in weddings the strapless which is also glam and looks stylish on just about any women. I would love to see this style as a bridesmaid dress.

Which one would you choose strapless, bow, off the shoulder, or deep v-neck? Stay tuned as next week I will be doing a post on bridesmaid dresses!


A Red Lace Dress for the Night

 This lace dress is so chic. This dress accentuates the body and is so elegant.  Red is a color that really pops out and it's a color that will never go out of style. A dress like this you could wear during Christmas, during Valentine's Day, to a date or even to a cocktail party. If you are not into red dresses check out this similar style (click here to view).


A couple Updates on the blog

I hope you all had a nice Valentine's Day. So today I rounded up a couple sales that are happening this week. Earlier today I mentioned on social media that I would be doing a bridal post. I will be posting that sometime this week. I got a lot of requests on that lately and thought it would be a good idea to do a post on wedding dresses. So if you have any requests or if there is something in particular you would like to see feel free to comment below. Here are a couple sales that are happening this week:

Lord & Taylor \\ Get 20% off regular, sale, and clearance items when you use the code SALE until Feb. 20.

I also added some of my weekly picks for you all below! You may click on the images below to view more product information. Just to let you all know that next week I will be doing a post on men's fashion. 


Ready 4 Valentine's day

Have nothing to wear to Valentine's Day? I added two looks for you all. The first piece you can wear to the beach. Technically it's a swimsuit converted into a top. Great for a quick getaway to the beach. The second look is pink for Valentine's Day! Pink is a color you see a lot on Valentine's Day. Now if you are not into the whole red and pink color scheme. You can try out the first look. 


Purple Sleeve Lace Top

This top is so chic it would look great with leggings or jeans (as seen here). You can also wear this top with a skirt or even over a dress. There are so many ways you that could style this top. You can buy it here (click here to see) I added some similar styles for you all below. You may click to view below.


My Weekly Picks

Today I rounded up my picks for the week. Which piece is your favorite? I couldn't decide on one particular piece. So I decided to post all the pieces that I liked. You can definitely wear these pieces in the summer as well as in the spring. Check out all the sales that are happening this week, down below.