Summer breeze

As we prepare for  fall the weather starts to cool down. Here are the closet essentials to get you ready for this summer to fall weather transition. This outfit would look great with a cardigan. This outfit is also perfect for working in, just be sure to add a cardigan.

Also this week I recently took part in a conversation with one editor, Erin Hover through Twitter. I asked here a couple questions relating to social media and which social media outlets she prefers to use. She mentioned Instagram and Pinterest. Those are all great social media outlets. Which do you prefer? I personally like Twitter the best as I feel that I can get information faster.

Twitter has really helped my blog get recognized I have even communicated with famous designers, celebrities, and even with some of my followers. Social media has really impacted the world we live in. We get information across more easily than we once did. It has open up a lot of doors.

How has social media affected your life? Tweet me at @fashionloversue 

Until next time Fashion lovers!

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