Staying Within Budget

So today I wanted to share with you this outfit one of these pieces cost less than $20. Can you guess which one? 

The suede skirt is under $20! No joke! You can click to see below. The sweater is a little over $100 but I added some similar styles for you below. This was just to show you that you can mix and match high end designer pieces with more affordable pieces. You can splurge on a few pieces here and there. Whenever I go shopping I like to set a budget. So that way I have more control over my money.  Of course I like to splurge once in a while. I know exactly what I am looking for and try to stay within that budget. Which can be helpful especially during the holidays when you have to buy gifts for everyone. That's a story for another time. In the mean time be sure to check out the links below. I added a ton of links to sales going on this week!

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