My Fall Style

Does it seem like you have nothing to wear? Well, look again!  See all these pieces. Good, now it's time to mix and match. Try layering that black tank top over a blouse.  Voila! You have a new top. I love layers especially for fall. You can make any old top look brand new. I had this blue top for a while, bought it a couple months ago. I recently attended the Create & Cultivate event. I did not know  what I was going to wear to the event.  I was super busy and had no time to go shopping.  So I did a little browsing  in my closet. I found this black top that I had and layered it over  this other top that I had. I got so many compliments on this outfit.

The Create and Cultivate event was pretty cool. I met so many aspiring bloggers and established bloggers. The event is basically for anyone wanting to learn more about working within the fashion industry. I would definitely recommend going to this event if you can.

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