Sweater Weather Kind of Day

So you all have been asking me a lot to add some more affordable pieces to the blog. Guess what?! I am now adding a ton of budget friendly pieces that are just as pretty as the designer pieces you see on my blog. I will continue adding my favorite designer brands to the blog, but I will also be adding some more affordable brands that I like on the blog.  In the carousel below you will find items varying from  a price of $10 to $2,000.

Today's outfit of the day is more of a casual look. I wanted to put together something that you could wear everyday. This look is more laid back. Blue jeans is something that I wear too often. So I wanted to try something different like a pair of black denim. Which I thought looked stylish. This look is easy to pull of and is very chic. You can go with the designer handbag seen here or opt for something else like this handbag (click here

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Rebecca Taylor


  1. I love this look, its so me!! And black denim is a must have!


  2. I love it, very stylish!!

    Check out my new video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UG1DMkOaUNo


  3. Try teaming a long sleeved ribbed front open sweater with black leggings and a white shirt. cashmere sweater womens