This month a lot of my friends are getting married or are engaged. Plus a lot of my readers and followers have been asking me what can they wear to a wedding. So I thought why not write a post on that ! Here are some of your questions answered:

Can I wear white to a wedding?

-Personally I do not recommend wearing white, it takes the attention away from the bride. Especially if you are a guest. Now, if you are the  sister of the bride try incorporating it with some other color like red. Do not go all white! Unless the bride is wearing red or some other color.

How do I dress for an Indian wedding?

-A couple days ago I was invited to a traditional Indian wedding from one of my friends and I myself am not Indian. I suggest wearing a formal outfit with lots of colors. You want to look nice. If you are trying to blend in then try going for a traditional sari or lengha. Don't forget to add jewelry! Jewelry is a must in Indian weddings!

How do I choose an outfit without upstaging the bride?

- By avoiding any outfit that is all white! For daytime weddings, go for pieces with bright colors. For nighttime weddings go for bolder darker colors like red, dark blue or purple. Don't forget to add accessories (accessories are a must)!

Can I wear black to a wedding?

-I personally do not like wearing black to weddings, kind of feels like I'm going to a funeral not a wedding. If you want to wear an all black outfit, add some color to it. You can add a pair of earrings, a necklace or a pair of sparkly stilettos. 

Can I wear print to a wedding?

-Sure, as long as its not too crazy or wild! Remember this is a formal event, not a day at fashion week!

Got anymore questions? Please send them in.  I will be answering and posting your questions on the blog!

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