Happy Earth Day!!

So today is officially Earth day! If you do not know what Earth day it's a day to motivate people to go green and inform them on occuring environmental issues. It is kind of cool, because you have all these scholars uniting together and discussing issues that we need to be aware of like the extinction of the polar bears or air pollution.  You end up learning a lot from these conferences. I remember back in the days when I was in elementary school they held a conference in my school to inform us on the importance of recycling and how it effects the environment. I remember to this day the three R's which are reduce, reuse and recycle. Which can be applied to our time. As a matter of fact some big names in fashion have taken a part in this environmental movement and you can to!

Fashion is always changing and sometimes you buy a piece now that you later on you may no longer feel the need to keep. Well, now a days there are stores where you can make money from selling your used clothing, shoes and accessories. This is one way of recycling fashion. Another way to recycle, is  donating your clothes to a charity. A couple years ago I donated some clothes that I no longer felt the need to keep; to my church which gave my clothes the poor people in Africa. Those families that we donated the clothes , were so happy they even wrote a thank you letter thanking us for all the clothes we donated. I find it amazing how much other people living in these poorer areas of the country seem to value things we take for granted like a pair of sneakers or a jacket. There are so many charities out there that will gladly take your clothes and donate to other countries as well.  Also if you have any antiques or really expensive pieces like a high end designer watch you can sell it at a the pawn shop.

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