My Purple Lace Dress

So recently I went to the Loft and found this adorable dress on their one day sale. It is a petite size, which will run short if you are tall. So if you are not looking for a short dress I would recommend you try another style. This dress(click here) is perfect for a cocktail party or any other party. I love the color, this color works with almost anything. It is perfect for the night. You can even wear this dress with leggings and boots.  This dress is under $100 and it's a good deal if you are looking for a cocktail dress. If you are looking for a dress that is a little longer I would recommend this dress(click here to view) . If you like shorter dresses then you can try the petite size. Just remember the sizing is different for taller girls. So if you are normally a small in other clothing, you might be a large or medium in petite. It all depends on the design and style of the dress. Sometimes petite clothes can  work for taller people. It all depends where you shop and your body type. I would recommend you try it out first, just to see. 


  1. That dress is just darling! Perfect for Valentine's Day! :)