Denim in the Summer...

During the summer months I tend to stay away from denim, due to the thickness of the fabric. This season I suggest you go with denim. Try paring it with a crop top or a long skirt. Depending on which part of the world you live in you can probably wear denim jacket or jeans during the summer months.

 Denim is also great for when you are traveling. When I travel I always take a denim jacket to keep me warm. You can definitely wear denim during the summer nights when its cooler outside. Now if you live in somewhere where the weather is similar to the weather in Las Vegas. I would suggest you try linen pants. Since the fabric is lighter, it will keep you dry and you will not sweat as much. It really all depends where you live at. You do not want to wear something that will make you sweat all day. You want to stay fresh and clean during the day.

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