What I Tried On

                                                                        Top || Jeans
                                                                        Bodysuit || Jeans || Sneakers

                                                                                Top || Jeans
                                                            One Shoulder Top || Jeans || Sneakers
                                                                                Top || Jeans

A couple days ago I walked into the Abercrombie store and tried on some outfits. It's been a minute since I have been there. I think I have not stepped inside the store since my high school days. Felt nostalgic. The fashion has definitely changed clothes were much more grown up than what I remember. The smell of the store did not change still the same. Funny how that goes. There were so many cute clothes not to mention half of them were on sale! I will definitely be going back.

Now as for my pants they are from Target and sneakers are Jordans.

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