My favorite hair products

Recently as some of you might have noticed I had my hair bleached. Let me just say it’s much more high maintenance than before. Before I would just wake up and go out. Didn’t even have to blow dry or anything. Now it takes alittle more work , but I am loving the color. Do I regret it? No, not really... Bleached hair takes a special kind of treatment and recently I have been trying a ton of new hair products these are my top favorites.

Which I recently discovered from my hairstylist, whom mostly uses Oribe hair products to style my hair.
I have been using there hair products for over 5 years. This hair mask does wonders when used as directed. 
3)John Freida Dream Curls - since I have naturally curly hair I like to use this to remove the frizz from my hair. Smell is kind of strong though a warning to people with sensitive noses.
4) Not Your Mother's Shampoo- is great for blondes or people with highlights it keeps the brassy color out of your hair. 
5) Matrix Biolage Conditioner - This is the conditioner I used my whole life. My mom used this on all her clients. 

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