Outfit of the Day for the Guys

Hello fashion lovers! So today I decided to do a blog post on men's fashion. I know it has been a while, but now I will doing a post on men's fashion once a week. I noticed that I had a lot of male followers on Instagram and I wanted to do a little something for them. So if any you guys or you ladies have a boyfriend/husband that needs some help with styling,  please let me know. I will be answering all your outfit requests right here on the blog! Need help with styling send in your questions. You may contact me by clicking on the contact section of the blog. I look forward to reading all your questions!

The look of the day is casual cool.  I wanted something a little  youthful, but  at the same time I wanted something that would look great on most men. This look can be worn on a casual date, running errands or even hanging out with the guys. The original pair of denim jeans seen here can cost somewhere around $1,000, but I found a more affordable style here (click here to view) . Remember this is just to give you all an idea on how to style. I personally think a man in ripped denim looks cool. Shows that he has a sense of style especially when he pairs it with a  pair of dope sneakers.

Once you are done on deciding what you are going to wear. Be sure to checkout some of the sales that are happening this week down below.

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