How to work with prints?

Do you have trouble styling with prints? When wearing anything with prints such as shoe, dress, purse, etc., I recommend adding on a solid colored piece, so it does not look too busy or take away the focus from the where you want it to be. This outfit has one focus, which is this mountain print fit and flared dress. This outfit is perfect for the city; the black sandals and purse make it perfect for the night.

There are many ways in which you can style prints. Sometimes, I like to style prints with other prints. Of course, that depends on the print that I am working with. Some prints have a lot of color already. In this case, I recommend mixing it with some solid color for balance. If the prints do not have enough color on them, I recommend adding on other prints or solid colored pieces.

Also some prints can make a person look slimmer and some prints can make a person look thicker. This dress I would recommend for someone that is tall and skinny, as this dress adds weight to the lower body.

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