Weekend Getaway

Have you all had those days when you just need to getaway somewhere? Well, I sure do. Sometimes its nice to be able to take the weekend off. This outfit is perfect for just that. Well, that is if you are going to somewhere warm. I know it might be a little cold outside to be wearing shorts, but I saw this jumpsuit online and just had to post it. I love how it looks casual and cool this outfit looks. I like to keep my outfits simple but classy. With this outfit I like to keep it simple.  With a jumpsuit like this one you don't need to add a lot of jewelry.

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If you like any of the items seen here just click on any of the pictures below for more details. Just to let you all know that the orange bag below is the same exact model as the bag displayed on the set above. It's only the color that's different. I added some watches from other stores as well as the one seen on the set above(just in case it sells out).


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